Our Services

Prime Consultant


We have established a strong, local network of professionals in the design and construction industries. As your first point of contact, we assemble the right team of consultants to meet your project-specific needs, and then efficiently manage timelines, budgets and paperwork on your behalf. We’re your go-to for comprehensive updates, and trusted advocate who ensures your finished space meets your expectations—and your budget.


Needs Assessment and Programming


The design dialogue begins with identifying our clients’ needs. We work with you to optimize your space and increase the function and comfort of an interior. This includes assessing any existing building conditions, and engaging in group discussions to capture the functional requirements that a space is intended to support.


space planning and interior feasibility studies


Explore your options. We interpret your needs into the built environment and identify the possibilities that a space can offer. This is invaluable to facilitating the initial decision-making process and will allow you to verify the suitability of a space. So often, there are many different directions a design a can go in. We steer our clients on the most efficient and responsive routes.


Design & Environmental Branding


Design is a language that we speak fluently. Once we have established a strong schematic design, we translate it into a memorable physical space that resonates with its occupants. We have the professional and technical knowledge necessary to develop practical, affordable solutions that work. Where communication is essential, the design will have a distinguished voice of its own.


Product Specification & Procurement


Implementing a design is an exercise in practicality—when you have the right sources. Being familiar with new and innovative products and materials, and knowing how to specify them so that what arrives meets your expectations requires a professional level of expertise. Access to our industry-only resources are made available to our clients. We act as your delegate during procurement to balance the design intent with your budget.


As-Built Drawings, Drafting & Construction Documentation


Preparing the technical presentation of the design is the most fundamental part of a project. We work with professional technologists who are well-versed in drafting and building technology to produce the documents necessary for permitting, pricing, and construction purposes. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and our ability to realize our ideas through careful planning and coordinating.


Construction Contract Administration


Once construction begins, a project really starts to take shape. You’ll find us on site regularly to review the progression of the project and the quality of the work with contractors. We stay involved to provide clarifications or direction to avoid changes and mitigate risk— all things necessary to maintain the integrity of a design.


Project Management


Whether your project is large or small, the logistics of an interior design project can be remarkably challenging. As seasoned interior designers and project managers, we know the importance of having a dedicated consultant on the ground to oversee all aspects of a project.


Facilities Liaison


We often liaise with landlords and their staff on the life and look of their properties. Over time, a building needs attention, maintenance, and updates. Being familiar with a building means being able to effectively run with the inevitable design work with confidence. By collaborating with a design professional there is an added level of assurance that your tenants will be satisfied, and your operational needs will be met.


Value Added Services


  • Interior Signage & Wayfinding
  • Interior 3D models and Renderings
  • Art Consultation & Procurement

Professional artwork helps to create an inspiring and stimulating work environment that engages users and enhances their experience of a space. The acquisition of artwork supports the local community and provides cultural identity. Beyond the selection of artwork that suitably reflects the interior design and corporate brand, our services also include procurement, and collaboration with local art vendors.